Dell Pre-Installs CinemaNow Flicks Onto Systems

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News Posted: Fri, Oct 24 2008 4:16 PM

It looks like Dell is moving forward with its somewhat bizarre idea of pre-bundling movies starting at $25 a pop onto new systems. Dell's first foray into this new business model was a few weeks ago when you could order Iron Man pre-installed on a Dell system. Now that it has partnered with CinemaNow, the selection of titles grow. The press release is below...

Dell Jump-Starts Digital Libraries with Pre-Installed Movies Powered by CinemaNow

Movie Bundles include Spider-Man, The Matrix, and Children’s pack starting at $25

Round Rock, Texas, October 23, 2008
--Today Dell and CinemaNow teamed to provide a simple, economical way to jump-start a digital music library by pre-loading movie bundles on select new systems purchased on Through CinemaNow, Dell delivers a simple, economical way to jump-start a digital library by pre-loading hit movies on select new desktop or laptop computers.

Building on the ability to personalize the outside of a PC with the already popular colors, fun patterns and exclusive artwork, now individuals can customize what is inside as well. Dell offers movie bundles starting at $25, hand-selected by major Hollywood studios. Fan and family favorites available to pre-load today include: the Spider-Man trilogy (Sony Pictures), the Matrix trilogy (Warner Bros. Pictures), The Fast and the Furious collection (Universal Studios Home Entertainment), a Children’s bundle, a Romantic Comedy bundle, and a Comedy bundle (all from Paramount Pictures).

Easy one-click access makes it easy to customize what goes into the digital content library on a new PC. After choosing what goes “under the hood” in their laptop or desktop, individuals will be prompted to learn more about movies bundles.

Pre-installed movies are easily accessible out of the box and neatly organized under the “Movies” icon on the Dell Dock. And for certain pre-loaded motion pictures, Dell’s partnership with CinemaNow also provides users with the ability to watch their movies from connected devices commonly found in the home. All pre-loaded movies are protected using Windows Media DRM which allows them to be played on other Windows Media personal electronic devices.

Dell plans to expand the selections by refreshing the movie bundles on a regular basis. Additional movies and TV shows are available for download through More information about the Dell Movie store is available at

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kid007 replied on Fri, Oct 24 2008 10:16 PM

i had that junk installed in my xps when it first came. Dell are notorious in having a bundle of software that are not useful, not even to themselves...

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3vi1 replied on Mon, Oct 27 2008 12:24 PM

The last time I bought a pre-built system was the '90s, but my standard operating procedure back then was to hook everything up, back it up, then fdisk and re-install clean.

Of course, back then the systems came with an Windows CD. Oh, how things have improved.

I'm doubting the movies are on the recovery DVD. What happens if you need to reformat? Do they let you spend a few days downloading the DVDs again?

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