What Video card for 400W PSU ?

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GER Posted: Tue, Oct 7 2008 9:37 AM

 Hi guys I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm need regarding my PSU, here we go:

I was looking to buy a 9800gt, I currently have the GMA950 (i know, it sucks big time), but then I got informed with the issue that it needs a 400w PSU as a minimun. My PSU is 400w but the 12v is quite low its amperage is 12A. here's what it says on the cover ATX 400W P4

+5V=>30 A

+12V=>12 A

-5v=>0.5 A

-12V=>0.8 A

+3.3V=>26 A

5VSB=>2 A

I don't know how many rails there is, can it be known from the above? anyways the question that I'm interested in is what card can I run error-free with this PSU;  my system is:


Dual core 3.0Ghz (930 Presler)

2 sticks 512mb 667 ddr2 (thisnking of upgarding to 2 sticks of 1gb)

Intel 945Gz motherboard (gma950 and Realtek audio on board)


120Gb maxtor HHD

2 side fanes 12mm


So what cards can I get for this PSU, i guess there's no way to handle the 9800gt, can it handle the radeon 3850 or 4850?  Please note that I don't care about high resolutions for gaming, 1280*600 is more than enough for me considerning my 15" monitor.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.











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Considering your monitor a 9600gt or 4650 would most likely do you just fine.

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