Multiple Monitor/Views for Flight Sim X

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jetz@r Posted: Sat, Oct 4 2008 2:16 AM

Hi there,

After much reading and reviewing from numerous sites in regards to the common debate; ''Which Graphics Cards is Best'', I have come to the conclusion that I still have no!

I have 3 LCD monitors and wish to set up a desktop 'simulator' using Flight Sim X by connecting all 3 but with independant views; ie, Forward, left and right side views.

As far as I can see the two front runners are the nVidia GTX260 or 280 and the Radeon HD4870x2. I do wish to keep my costs down as much as possible and so far AMD seems to be ticking the boxes in that respect. I have also seen a review on the nVidia 9800 GTX h2OC (water cooled) which had the advantage of being thin enough to take up only 1 PCI-E slot alowing 2 cards to sit comfortably together without heating issues. But which would best suit me? 

The other issue is deciding between an AMD or intel motherboard. I have read up on the XFX GeForce 8300a mATX AMD hybrid Motherboard and it just confused me further. It says it comes with a 256mb DDR2 IGP but does that mean i dont have to spend the cash for 2 graphics cards? I do like the idea of having a total of 2gb grahics so i pressume that the max memory with that motherboard would limit me to 256mb even with another 256mb card installed? (if you're confused now.....welcome to my world)

So the big questions...nVidia or Radeon?? AMD or Intel??


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Ok no worrys we will set you strait. To play with 3 monitors you will need at least two graphics cards. I would recommend one nice card to run 2 monitors and a 2nd cheaper card to run the 3rd monitor.

What resolutions are your monitors?  Whats your budget?  What are you upgrading just your gpu and motherboard or your whole pc?

If I confused you even more let me know I'll break it down for ya.Big Smile Welcome to HH!

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