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trailblder Posted: Wed, Oct 1 2008 4:06 PM

I purchased a 512mb 4870 Asus right before the 1GB cards came out.  If I wanted to do CF (which I've never done SLI or CF before); can I use a 1GB and 512mb in tandem?  I've heard that CF caps the mem, but has that changed?  I'm also assuming it won't have a problem with a different manufacturer either?



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Marco C replied on Wed, Oct 1 2008 4:36 PM

Yes, you should be able to crossfire them, but only 512MB of RAM on the 1GB card will be used.  You're better off saving the money and buying another 512MB card, or tossing your current card on e-bay and buying two 1GB models.

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Marco there above me just build me a rig with 2x4870s with 512MBs. Even with a gig total they are blazing fast.

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