Antec Enters the Mobile Computing Market

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News Posted: Tue, Aug 19 2008 11:04 PM

Antec Enters the Mobile Computing Market
CBB Certified Components Enable System Builders to Locally Build a Truly
Customized Laptop

Fremont, CA - August 19, 2008 - Antec, Inc., the leading global provider of high-performance components for the gaming, PC Upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, today announced that it is launching a new line of standard components for the mobile computing market. These interchangeable components-known as common building blocks and developed according to a common set of specifications initiated by Intel-continue Antec's legacy as a pioneer in standards-based computing components and extend its reach into the fast-growing portable computing market. The announcement marks the first time that system builders will be able to build customized, personalized laptops from individual components, in the same way they do now with server and desktop PCs.

Earlier this year, Intel announced two new mobile motherboards designed and validated to support Intel(R) Centrino(R) 2 processor technology. These Intel(R) Mobile Boards are based on a new mobile motherboard form factor specification codenamed Rich Creek 2 (RC2). This effort expands upon the earlier Common Building Block program. System builders now have the opportunity to enter the mobile computing market by putting together systems based on the CBB standard.

Antec's new mobile product line contains a wide range of CBB components including two laptop chassis, a docking station, both CBB and RC2-specific keyboards, AC adapters, battery packs, and several components such as integral webcams and Bluetooth(R) modules.

"Our new line of mobile product components offers system builders for the first time the ability to configure and build laptop computers specifically for their important accounts, and to fully support them in the field," said
Scott Richards, Antec Senior Vice President. "We are proud to be the pioneer global provider of these products to the channel, helping system builders penetrate mobile computing markets that were previously closed to them."

"Our new Intel(R) Mobile Boards supporting Intel Centrino 2 processor technology, combined with high-class components from proven manufacturers will allow the channel to build powerful, customized laptop systems," said Tom Rampone, Intel's Vice President for Sales and Marketing Group and general manager of Channel Platforms Group. "We are pleased that companies such as Antec are embracing the mobile market by providing these common and interchangeable ingredients."

"ASI has enjoyed a very successful partnership over the years with Antec," said Kent Tibbils, Vice President of Marketing at ASI Corporation. "So we're very pleased to be able to work with them as a supplier for the next generation of CBB mobile products. Their reputation in the channel as well as with the end user community adds a tremendous amount of value and recognition to the Build To Order segment."

Antec's new line of CBB components for notebooks is available for order today.

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rapid1 replied on Tue, Aug 19 2008 11:15 PM

Yawn didn't MSI ASUS OCZ etc etc etc already do this I don't see any links for me to buy these parts so must be for channel partners only and getting one of the Centrino 2 whitebooks seems to be pretty impossible to I emailed back and forth with OCZ and MSI and the only way to get one is through self assemble web build just like the last 2 groundbreaking whitebook platforms with whoever you get it from naming the prices when I can get single components cpus memory etc cheaper than they charge me because they stick it in....................................

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warlord replied on Tue, Aug 19 2008 11:23 PM
More competition is always a positive
Fold ON!!!!!

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I agree with you rapid. Getting whitebook shells is not easy. Newegg has a listing for the OCZ model of the Compal FL92 and all they really did was slap their logo on it and bumped the price. Most of the time, you have to get a pre-configured model or have to configure a full system on the resellers site. Sites like and have models that you can purchase un-configured (with warranty options), but there are not many of them.

It would be nice, if newegg carried shells for purchase. I am sure that they would find good interest from consumers.

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ice91785 replied on Thu, Aug 21 2008 3:39 PM

I have been waiting for that for a while: shells that is -- mobile motherboards are getting a LITTLE bit easier to find but a more available select group would be nice there too.


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warlord replied on Thu, Aug 21 2008 7:12 PM

A much more open lappy market in general is what i would like to see. Standardized and available such as desktop parts are now, and from all the vendors as well. It would be more competitive and more dynamic.

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