Asus Striker II Formula - Uncovered SB200 CHIP

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fw_haakon Posted: Wed, Aug 6 2008 9:22 AM

Hi all!
I'm an owner of a Striker II formula and I've got in my mind to replace the stock NB and SB dissipators with the thermalright ones the only problem is... that the don't cover the SB200 chip! what should I do?? shall I leave it there at the open air? I don't think it's a wise decision though... also I don't want to "break" the stock cooler of the mobo in case one day I have to RMA it.

any suggestion? thx to every one!


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Not sure I understand. Do you mean that thermalright doesn't have a cooler for the SB? If so try another brand. Enzotech makes the only active SB cooler I could find. The rest are passive. Looking at the only active cooler it doesn't look any better than a stock fan. The passive ones are crap IMO. So if you board has an active cooler (IE with a fan) I would keep that. If it has a passive, heatsink only cooler, I would buy the Enzotech cooler. Provide it will work with your board. It should as it is intended as a universal replacement. I hope this helps.


EDIT: You can find the Enzotech cooler here:

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fw_haakon replied on Wed, Aug 6 2008 11:54 PM
first of all many thanks for your answer. Thermal right has the 3 kind of heatsinks 1 for the North bridge 1 for the southbridge (which is the same as the NB one) and 2 mosfet heatsinks (one for the I/O and the other one for the side mosfets) the problem is that the Asus Striker II formula has 3 CHIPS(without counting the mosfets) the NB the SB and the SB200. The latter can't be covered by thermaright ones... and Idon't know if the enzothech one you linked me will fit at the SB200 position :) thanks again! Haakon
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I would recommend getting more air over the existing cooler. Or getting a old chipset cooler from a old mobo and sticking it to the chip with some thermal glue. Oh and Welcome the Hot Hardware!
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