Half life vs counter strike, whats the difference?

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alice123 Posted: Mon, Aug 4 2008 1:35 AM

Our package just got here last week from China with these really cool CS figures from www.lducompany.com that I bought for my son. He is only 8 and I am starting to think that the computer game is a little too violent for him but the toys are kinda cute and harmless. Does anyone know if these characters have names? You can see them at this page http://www.liangdianup.com/collectibles_1.htm unless they moved them by the time you read this. I have heard some people call this game half life, is there a difference?

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 HalfLife is the single player campaign, the original game.  Counter Strike was an add on to the original multi-player that was developed after the single player game, and was launched as a stand alone after it garnered a huge user base.  Beyond that was the launch of HalfLife 2, the sequel to the original campaign, and then Counter Strike: Source, which is basically Counter Strike 2.

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