One-Man Helicopter Starts to Soar

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News Posted: Tue, May 27 2008 11:23 AM
If you've always desired to channel your inner James Bond, you'd be well-advised to check into the Gen H-4. Billed as the "world's smallest one-man helicopter," the flying machine with two rotors allows a pilot to zip through the air with ease. Operators are standing by to take your order.

The Japanese-designed H-4 will set you back a cool $59,500 -- but that's a small price to pay for the chance to hover above the crowds on your way to work. On the downside, your hard-earned dough only nets you a kit, which you have to assemble on your own.

According to the AFP story, they've sold a total of 7 units so far, but we expect deep-pocketed fans of ultra-light aircraft to start snapping up the H-4.


For video of the H-4 in action, check out this clip of the contraption buzzing around the friendly skies. Is it just a simple novelty product or the future of flight? You decide...
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rapid1 replied on Tue, May 27 2008 12:14 PM

Gonna get me a backpack for my tools and do airborne PC peripheral repairs now. Would'nt you love to see you Computer support Engineer fly into your yard in his Heli :)

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SqUiD267 replied on Tue, May 27 2008 2:53 PM
I saw this on the news, only 7 ahve been sold. 2 in us and 5 in japan.

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Lev_Astov replied on Tue, May 27 2008 4:40 PM
Man, the FAA must HATE these. I want one.

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Dave_HH replied on Tue, May 27 2008 4:42 PM
Where's Der? He'd LOVE this one!

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At $4.00 a gallon for gas I want one!





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AjayD replied on Tue, May 27 2008 7:07 PM
Not quite the personal jet pack I have always wanted, but this baby would do in a pinch. I hope it has a built in parachute, because it would really suck to run out of gas in one of these.


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I hope it goes faster. I was at first excited but the video calmed me down a bit. But I guess he's merely demonstrating.


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Ahh, I am reminded once again that I am living in the future.
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