Age Of Conan To Challenge WoW?

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News Posted: Tue, May 27 2008 2:39 AM
Judging by subscription numbers, it seems that Blizzard’s World of Warcraft shows no signs of slowing down.   It has dominated the market, and until recently seemed as if it would never face a real challenger.

Then the Age of Conan came about and sold more than 400,000 copies in its first week.

“The initial sales and reviews are very encouraging, and it’s great to see that so many are enjoying Age of Conan,” said Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas.  “This is just the beginning, and we already look forward to massive updates and cool new features.  We believe our focus on making Conan unique and groundbreaking is a key reason for the initial success.  This is a focus we will keep and reinforce, and players can expect continued quality and innovation as we enter a new era for the game.”

Will Conan break the 1,000,000 subscriber mark?  We’re not sure, but it seems likely based on these early sales figures.  Will it ever challenge WoW?  That is entirely open to debate.
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rapid1 replied on Tue, May 27 2008 9:52 AM
rofl WOW needs it for dumbing down the genre or mmo's in general but will Conan be better we will see I'm holding off on this one and sticking with Vanguard which is my current as well as My female companions plus the fact that from what I understand it is super demanding whereas WOW does as a positive lend itself more to the general user in hardware specs Vanguard does as well to a slightly lesser extent due to it's updates over the last year however with any MMO there is a break in period (EQ1, EQ2, WOW, Vanguard, Horizons and New horizons etc etc.) SO I'll hold off a month or two and watch the forums. By the way I did play a little BETA on AOC so I'm not speaking with no knowledge. I have a decent midrange system probably on the upside of midrange (My VISTA 64 score was 6.1 although VISTA has been mostly uninstalled and my main OS is XPagain yay)I have a Cable internet connection and went LD or full system freeze 7 times in about 2 1/4 to 2.5 hours. Before I just gave up so we'll see what AOC's forum's and people I know say in a month or two. ALso I heard from a few people there would definitely be some faloout due to these issues and personally know 3 people who are or will cancel there aoc accounts already due to the issues I stated.
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Volatile replied on Tue, May 27 2008 12:17 PM
Holy run-on sentences, Batman! Allow me to introduce my friends "." and ",". Learn them, use them, love them.

Nothing will challenge WoW in subscription numbers for quite some time. Better MMO's are already out there, but WoW managed to appeal to the mainstream, while others have always been niche products. That said, MMOs don't need WoW numbers to be successful.
400,000 in the first week doesn't necessarily mean it will break 1,000,000, either. A third of them will likely quit after a few months (about a third of that number making their way back to WoW, and another third back to some other MMO). Sales numbers will wane, and it will take something much bigger than a few good reviews to keep them consistently high like WoW has enjoyed. Not saying it WON'T happen, it just isn't a forgone conclusion.
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SqUiD267 replied on Tue, May 27 2008 2:40 PM
Hmm my friend gave me the beta because he thought it wouldn't be good at all. I thought the same...Guess we might be wrong.

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A lot of my friends have been really excited about this one, only to be disappointed when they played release. Sounds like there's a lot of bugs such, really an unfinished product. I'd give it a few months before I ever try it, and I think the overall higher system requirements (much higher) than WoW will keep it from ever stealing the MMO crown.
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