XP SP3 + Symantec = Hosed Registry

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News Posted: Tue, May 20 2008 8:04 PM
As if Microsoft needed to hear more Windows XP SP3 problems.  You'd almost think they did this on purpose, as we know they'd rather all of us upgrade to Vista.  Nah.

According to reports posted the day after Microsoft launched Windows XP SP3 on Windows Update, some users found that their network cards and previously-crafted connections had mysteriously vanished from Windows after updating to the service pack.

"The Network Connections screen now does not show any of the NIC cards. I have three adapters that used to show up," said someone using "MRFREEZE61" as an alias on Microsoft's XP SP3 support forum on May 7. "In an attempt to troubleshoot, I tried to bring up the Device Manager, and to my surprise it is now empty."

More information: it seems like the computers with problems are running Symantec security software.  Now if only they used Windows Live OneCare, right?

Others chimed in to claim that the errant keys were located in sections of the registry devoted to settings for Symantec products, and they pinned blame on the security company's consumer-grade software installed on their PCs. "I see parent keys that all seem to be Norton/Symantec product keys," said someone identified as "gfrost."

"This appears to be a Symantec-related problem according to the keys showing up," said another user, "datarimlens." "Is anyone from Symantec on this yet? Since SP3 has been distributed to at least one of my machines, am I to believe that this problem did not show up in testing? Really? For something as widely tested as SP3? Really? I mean seriously?"

"I upgraded three well-maintained laptop machines, one with NIS2008 [Norton Internet Security 2008] installed and running during the upgrade, one with NIS2008 installed but shut down during installation and one without NIS2008 installed," said "bighowie," yet another user posting to the forum. "As you guessed, the one without NIS2008 upgraded like a charm. No problems. The other two have the same mess as identified by all in this thread."

Well, well, it seems Windows XP SP3 is as big a fiasco as Windows Vista SP1.  The laughs just keep on coming.
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And we thought everything on XP was supposed to be stable...

Pray that Windows 7 actually works when it arrives
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Elsparrow replied on Wed, May 21 2008 6:51 AM

 To be fair, anything with Symantec on = Hosed.

I still remember losing my XP SP1 install cos Symantec identified System32 as a virus and removed it without asking . . . 

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Drago replied on Wed, May 21 2008 8:10 AM
I have had no problems updating to SP3 using Symantec Corp Edition AntiVirus. Seems the crappy bloatware that norton sells to its home users is fubared, but their Corperate Edition products have been tested and there have been no problems with them at where i work.

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I also use Symantec corp with no problems on XP Pro. I have yet to install SP3 yet because at my current specs It would bogg my system down and its to slow now!!!





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SqUiD267 replied on Sun, May 25 2008 10:12 AM

 Norton is soemthing that is used on a wide majority. I'm not suprised at this.

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How many people on here even use Symantec?

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