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Crisis Causer:

 Nelson rules.Yes

He does man that was generous of him, like I said there are some great people here and its people like that that makes this place a good site and and keeps you coming back.I imagine I,ll be a lifer here so guess ya,ll are stuck with me!

Laughing: chuckle, chuckle, On a sad note its 6:14 pm and our Commander in Cheif will be landing in Air force One at Greenville-Spartunberg Airport in about an hour!Super Angry  Is they anything anyone would like me to pass along to him some informitive words of wisdom or some hand gestures maybe sign language! Just say the word I,ll be glad to Hook him up!   NOT I dont have time for him I need to rest and drink AYes.





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I am glad you got a cpu. I'll keep an eye out and if I see a reular on here that may be in need of the cpu than I may get it to them. In the mean time if someone else notices anyone worthy send me a pm.

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