Gates Says Vista Doing Well

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News Posted: Thu, May 8 2008 7:19 PM

We recently reported on the ongoing struggle to keep XP alive, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s waffling reactions.  But what does co-founder Bill Gates have to say on the subject?   Is XP’s continued availability cutting into Vista sales?

“Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates says sales of Windows Vista have been "rapid", with more than 140 million copies sold worldwide.”

Given the “rapid” sales of Vista, is it possible that we might end up with XP, Vista and Windows 7 all co-existing at different levels?  Or will Vista simply end up like another Windows ME?

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ice_73 replied on Thu, May 8 2008 7:46 PM
seems reasonable to me, windows me, 2000 and xp coexisted for awhile. personally i think win 2000 is the best. if xp, vista, and 7 are all out im positive xp will die off soon from then, since by the time 7 is out there will be enough computer power to power vista easily, and plus enough dx 10 games to make vista attractive.

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Vista is looking like Windows ME at the moment, and unless it can be properly run on a consistent basis it's not technically doing 'well'. The copies sold and profits made are only because it's the only main Windows option for most people. If MS wants it to do well the company has to spend more effort refining it in order to sway people away from their old friend XP.
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 don'tsee why no, I have been trouble free for some time... just if some compaies would get there but in hear and make some 64bit drivers for some things that would be nice...

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I was fine for a while, until I rebooted my computer and it took forever to load...and when it did load, half of the services weren't working. Mind you, I do tech support at Columbia University and I still have no idea how to fix something like that.

But I would like Vista to be fully refined really soon. It just makes life better for all of us.

And increased 64bit support would be good too.
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