ASUS LS201 20" LCD Monitor

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News Posted: Wed, Apr 30 2008 10:18 AM

Earlier this year we stumbled upon a widely circulated You Tube video (at least in tech circles), in which a man is seen ruthlessly abusing a poor LCD monitor. The protagonist starts by letting a child draw on the screen with a black permanent marker. Taking matters into his own hands, the man then proceeds to take a pen-knife to the surface of the screen, followed by multiple strikes with a hammer.  The abuse of a perfectly good LCD monitor isn't what struck us about this particular video, however. The unique element that caught our eye and set it apart from similar videos is that the LCD monitor survived the episode completely unscathed.  The monitor was ASUS' LS201.

After seeing the video, we had to test this screen for ourselves.  Our evaluation of the ASUS LS201 20" LCD Monitor is available here:

ASUS LS201 20" LCD Monitor

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Oh wow, that video is amazing!  It's invincible!  Glad it performed well with you guys too.  Love Asus.Left Hug 


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After viewing that video I was expecting HotHardware to deliver an @$$-kicking review (literally)!

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^Bad_Boy^ replied on Thu, May 1 2008 11:59 AM
LoL Super Dave :p

I think Touch-Sensitive Monitors (Tablet PCs) would benefit a lot from that type of screen.

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