XP SP3 Hits the Download Sites

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News Posted: Tue, Apr 29 2008 8:10 AM

Right on time, Windows XP SP3 has been released to the world, and is now available for download.

As per the unofficial timeline, Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) has finally hit the Release to Web (RTW) milestone. Currently, the final build is only available on the download.windowsupdate domain in the following languages: Chinese (Hong Kong), Czech, English, French, German (Deutsch), Japanese, Polish, Russian, Simplified (Chinese), Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. Throughout the day, the 300MB+ x86 standalone installer will become available in more languages on the Microsoft Download Center.

XP SP3 (build 5512) is also available on Windows Update as a 70MB download. There will be no x64 version of SP3 released; Windows XP x64 will be updated at the same time Windows Server 2003 is updated, since it is derived from the codebase of the latter. Although Microsoft has still to confirm the date, SP3 should be rolled out via Automatic Updates on June 10, 2008.

Microsoft has been under significant pressure to continue support of XP, and many vendors, for example, Dell, will continue to ship Windows XP on their systems using the so-called "downgrade" loophole. Will we see an SP4?  Doubtful.

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I intend to wait a bit before getting it.  Anyone here at HotHardware get it?  Have you anything to report? 


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 Installed it a couple of hours ago and I am unhappy to report no problems  whatsoever with it. I would like to appologies to any Apple fanboys and Gates haters out there for a lack of vitriol about SP3 in this post however it seems to all be working rather well and no BSODS either.....


Damn you Microsoft for continuing your support of this aged OS;) 

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Dev replied on Wed, Apr 30 2008 6:31 AM

I share the same view as thunder, I installed it on a collegues laptop. No problems here. If it wasn't for Crysis, I don't think I would ever upgrade from XP. Still using service pack two on my home computer.


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