Dell: Windows XP Deadline? Fogetaboutit!

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News Posted: Fri, Apr 25 2008 3:33 PM

We know that Microsoft has set June 30th as the drop-dead date for Windows XP (despite their statements yesterday). Despite the fact that after June 30th, manufacturers such as Dell are not allowed to ship PCs with XP pre-installed, Dell has come up with an "escape clause."

Dell will take advantage of a licensing option in Vista Business and Vista Ultimate that lets PC makers provide XP under the Vista license, which Microsoft calls a "downgrade" license. (Enterprises with site licenses have these same rights with any version of Vista.) In essence, the user is buying a Vista license that it can apply to XP, and Microsoft can still claim a Vista sale.

Dell will preinstall XP Professional as a
"downgrade" on a variety of desktop PCs and laptops, a spokesperson
said, saving users the hassle of doing it themselves. The computers
available with the XP option will include the Windows Vista
installation DVD in the box so users can later install Vista over XP
under the same license if they wish.

While the downgrade option itself is not new, the OEM installing it is.  Let's hope others follow suit, as this is a great idea.

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ice_73 replied on Fri, Apr 25 2008 4:56 PM

 great idea, you get the safety of xp now, and possibility of getting vista later. i think more manufacturer's will follow suite pretty soon. 

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Bua ha ha, it's ingenius.  And also another slap in the face to MS at how bad Vista is.  But hey, they should be proud their great creation of Windows XP is lasting so long. 


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Interesting news,but only the Home edition will drop dead,which only a few people use,the professional will still remain with full support 

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^Bad_Boy^ replied on Sat, Apr 26 2008 1:49 AM
YEap, other brands should follow Dell on this..

Dammit! What's My Age Again???

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