ATI FireGL V8600 1GB Workstation Graphics Card

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News Posted: Wed, Apr 16 2008 11:35 AM

As many of you know, ATI has been particularly aggressive with their FireGL workstation graphics card lineup over the past six months. While their flagship R600-architecture was the basis for the solid (but ultimately underwhelming) Radeon HD2900XT for the gaming market, our tests have shown that this particular GPU architecture is much more competitive in the workstation market. While the R600 may not be the best choice for a high-end gaming rig, it is indeed a powerful chip for high-end OpenGL work, and as such, has led to a revival of sorts for ATI’s FireGL lineup.

With an excellent performing workstation GPU in tow, ATI finally took the steps to get their latest generation of FireGL cards out to the market fast – much faster than we’ve seen from them in the past. ATI now has a number of R600-based workstation products out on the market, and is competing quite well with NVIDIA in terms of both price and performance. ATI’s cards generally offer nearly all the bang for the buck as the QuadroFX lineup, but ATI has some unique models as well which give them their own following of users. One of their newest models, the FireGL V8600 1GB, has finally hit the market. And this is the card we’ll be looking at today...

ATI FireGL V8600 1GB Workstation Graphics Card

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^Bad_Boy^ replied on Thu, Apr 17 2008 12:18 AM
They Should make a FireGL card based on the HD 3870 X2 ;)

Dammit! What's My Age Again???

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