Mac Clone Maker Fires Back

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News Posted: Tue, Apr 15 2008 8:48 PM

We recently reported on the company Psystar who is selling machines with an option to load OS X 10.5, a.k.a. Leopard, and how threats of litigation from Apple was all but imminent.  That has now come to pass, and apparently Psystar is firing back:

Speaking to InformationWeek, a Psystar employee identified only as Robert said his company sees Apple's end-user license agreement, which prohibits third-party installations of Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, as a violation of antitrust laws.??

"What if Microsoft said you could only install Windows on Dell computers?," he said.

An interesting legal battle may be in the offing, but it could prove to be the impetus needed to convince Apple to open up their OS, something a great many have wanted for a long time.  We’ll be sure to follow this closely and keep you informed as we receive new information.

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digitaldd replied on Thu, Apr 17 2008 6:19 AM

 Latest I heard is that Psystar isn't a real company. Its mailing address is a home address in a residential area among other things..


see this !!! 

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Dev replied on Fri, Apr 18 2008 7:55 AM

  "What if Microsoft said you could only install Windows on Dell computers?," he said.

What nonsense logic, It would be more like Microsoft only selling Windows on Microsoft machines. (If they made PCs!)

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