One iPhone To Rule Blu-Ray

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News Posted: Wed, Apr 9 2008 6:42 PM

If you have an iPhone and a Blu-Ray player and have been dreaming of the two working together in harmony, then you probably already work for NetBlender on their BD Touch development team. If it just sounds like a good idea, and you haven’t been dreaming about such a technological mating, then here’s what NetBlender is working on:

“It's a technology that is built into our professional Blu-Ray authoring tool that will allow studios, independent movie companies to enable BD Touch features.

These features send data in two directions from the Disc to the Iphone and vice versa. Video, Audio, text, and player commands can be sent.”

NetBlender will release their SDK alongside a simple remote control application. The SDK will allow unique features to be integrated by other developers.

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Lev_Astov replied on Thu, Apr 10 2008 7:20 AM
That's pretty cool sounding. What, exactly, would the iPhone be used for then? Would it be like a fancy remote? That would be pretty nifty.

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Yeah, I'm a little unclear what the point is.  Touch screen remote?  Could you play back Blu-ray movies on your iPhone (though obviously not in HD)? 


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Crisis Causer:
Touch screen remote? 

I'm confused... is it a remote for a blu-ray player? Or will the iPhone be acting as your "screen" which your blu-ray player transmits the movies to? Or both?

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ice91785 replied on Sat, Apr 12 2008 12:54 AM

Or will the iPhone be acting as your "screen" which your blu-ray player transmits the movies to?

I hope not -- nothing like HD media on a 5 inch screen..... 

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