DRAM Prices To Stay Low

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News Posted: Sun, Mar 23 2008 6:54 AM

DRAM prices have been at incredibly low levels for so long that it's hard to imagine that they'll stay this way forever.  So how long will this trend continue?  Apparently a year or more if the analysts are on target:

The current DRAM downturn will likely last more than a year and possibly two, said Simon Woo, memory chip analyst at Merrill Lynch, at a conference in Taipei last week.

"It's longer than expected," he said, comparing it to the DRAM industry crunch of 1997-1998, which lasted nearly two years.

This is excellent news for anyone building or upgrading, especially if you're planning on going with a 64-bit OS.

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willardcw4 replied on Sun, Mar 23 2008 12:47 PM
thats reassuring... the lower prices in RAM have made it a lot easier for builders to obtain faster ram at higher quantities (i.e. 4GB) for a lot lower prices... hope the trend continues and DDR3 continues to drop in price!

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AjayD replied on Sun, Mar 23 2008 3:37 PM
Yes, hopefully we will begin to see some sizable price drops for DDR3 as well. DDR2 has become quite affordable which is great for most of the current motherboards. But with Nahalem just around the corner, I am sure most if not all of the supporting motherboards will require DDR3.


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frg1 replied on Sun, Mar 23 2008 4:02 PM

 lets hope ddr3 timings get better to with a drop in price 

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Dave_HH replied on Sun, Mar 23 2008 9:02 PM
It might be reassuring for consumers but not for the industry as a whole. When commodities like this are in over supply with an overly cost competitive environment, it's typically an indicator that the tech industry as a whole is soft, which of course it is. I personally wouldn't mind a little price surge (small one) since that would indicate our economy has firmed up more, which is good for all of us here in the US at least.

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hongsc replied on Mon, Mar 31 2008 7:59 PM

It will. DDR2 had terrible timings and it got better, so it's only a matter of time. 

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