Apple: No Computer Purchase With Giftcards

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 12 2008 8:27 AM

The Consumerist featured a story a year ago about a woman that wasn't allowed to buy an Apple computer because she wanted to purchase it solely using Apple-issued giftcards. Stung by negative publicity, Apple relented and she got her computer. But instead of liberalizing their giftcard policy, Apple simply gave the one customer a computer paid for with giftcards and then changed their giftcard FAQ. Others shut out in Apple's giftcard eligibility maze want a computer too. Or maybe their money back.

I have 7 gift cards totaling $1250. Apple refuses to sell me a computer despite having $1250 upfront.

As soon as I found I could not enter more than half my gift cards on the Apple website, I used their online chat facility. That didn't work out so I rang Apple and was passed from Sales to Customer Service and told "no" all the way. I have filed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau.

Right now I'm more interested in getting money back on my gift cards than in ever getting an Apple computer, given the stupid nonsense they've been giving me.

Retailers' ability to place restrictions on the redemption of giftcards has been severely curtailed by many state governments. Apple would be wiser to give their prospective customers a computer than eventually being forced to give a full refund of giftcard money to an angry (former) customer. 

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Kamrooz replied on Wed, Mar 12 2008 11:10 AM

God, everytime I read articles like this regarding apple, it just increases my hatred for them 10 fold. They are damn gift cards!..Paid for up front..They got their money, you should be able to buy whatever you want with them...If you have 15 gift cards totaling 2 grand...Heck, that was 2 grand in apples pocket, now give the person there damn computer -_-.

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frg1 replied on Wed, Mar 12 2008 12:25 PM

 dont most giftcards have a experation date too would suck if you tried to get your computer wouldnt let you and you had too wait so long they expired before you found something you wanted

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mazuki replied on Wed, Mar 12 2008 6:24 PM
why can't people realize that apple is no nicer a company than microsoft? and in many respects worse? if apple could monopolize things, they would. and they do.
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 that sucks $1250 is $1250 no matter how it is denoted.

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replied on Thu, Mar 13 2008 9:18 AM

this doesnt make sense. Why have gift cards if you cant ya know, buy gifts. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Yes mazuki your right, they ARE worse. You just dont hear about it as much. Partly why they dont get into shipping their os to OEMs in my opinion is they make a crap ton off suckering people into buying their mediocre hardware at 3X the price of a good windows laptop.

I would say this would make a good lawsuit. My understanding is gift cards were basically a garantee the purchase amount was gona be used buying your products. Either way they are making money. This is idiotic.

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ice_73 replied on Thu, Mar 13 2008 9:09 PM

all companies care about is making money adn this is exploiting the customer base.

although i still love my ipod.  

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