Panasonic Goes Atomic!

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News Posted: Thu, Mar 6 2008 4:53 AM

Panasonic is developing a tough little UMPC based on Intel's Atom technology and they're calling it the Toughbook.  The specs aren't entirely clear other than the platform itself and the fact that it should live up to its name:

“Little information is available, but we have a water, dust, and shock resistant computer with 5.6” touch screen.”

We're curious to see how they've pulled off water resistance in a device that is rumored to feature have several ports of various kinds, but we're not sure how many divers are going to need a UMPC anyhow.

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Now we just need videos or pics of it getting abused! Let's see how Tough it is. :p


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frg1 replied on Thu, Mar 6 2008 8:20 AM

 it will probaly cost alot

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