AMD Demos 45nm Native Quad-Core Processors

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News Posted: Tue, Mar 4 2008 11:45 AM

AMD Demos 45nm Native Quad-Core Processors for Server, Desktop

— Customer Testing of Product Samples Underway —

HANNOVER, Germany. -- March 4, 2008 --AMD (NYSE: AMD) demonstrated at the CeBit electronics exhibition its first 45nm quad-core chips running multiple operating systems and a range of processing intensive applications. The processors were produced in Dresden, Germany, in AMD’s Fab 36 300mm manufacturing facility, using an advanced 45nm process co-developed with IBM.

AMD 45nm transistors are engineered to enable greater performance-per-watt capabilities in AMD processors and platforms. AMD combines new processes and materials with leading edge technologies, such as immersion lithography and AMD’s fourth-generation strained silicon, for a highly-manufacturable, highly-efficient production process.

This important milestone is the first of many as AMD moves toward delivery of 45nm products later this year. The first 45nm chips demonstrated by AMD include the “Shanghai” product for server and “Deneb” for desktop platforms.

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wolf2009 replied on Tue, Mar 4 2008 11:49 AM

 some performance numbers would have been good to see . oh well guess we'll have to wait until some time later to see how they perform .

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AjayD replied on Tue, Mar 4 2008 3:10 PM
Glad to see AMD is finally ready to join the 45nm party. Hopefully their 45nm chips will be more competitive performance wise than their 65nm architecture was. I also hope they will help to drive the price down on Intel's new 45nm chips. On a side note, it is nice to see they are being manufactured in Germany, rather than China along with everything else. Although with a name like "Shanghai" I wonder if that's really the case, and if so, for how long?


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I think the actual release date will be very important here.....AMD finally has a chance to gain a LOT of ground that they've lost over the past few years; that is they may "semi" catch up with Intel in some sorts...again depending on when Shanghai/Deneb are formally released. Props to AMD if they can get 'em out in a quarter or two eh?

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