anyone tried AGP XFX GeForce 6200 (256 MB)?

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Timoz Huh? [:^)] Posted: Tue, Feb 12 2008 11:30 PM

i have the below system config.:
intel pentium 4 3.0 MHz
motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8IP775
Ram: 1 G
H. D.D: 120 G (western digital)
VGA: AGP XFX GeForce 5200 (128 M DDR)

the game (Need for SPeed - Pro Street) started fine but when the race count down began everything when so slow, i closed everything running in the backgroud in cluding the antivirus (NOD32); i even tried it on XP instead of the Vista that i am using right now but with no luck!

did anyone used XFX Geforce 6200 in the below site to run the game with no problems? Many thanx!

if no, what is the minimum AGP geforce or ATI card that i can buy to let me run the game smoothly?

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The 6200 is a relatively weak GPU. With that being said, THIS card would be a much more worthy upgrade to your current system which by the way isn't all that bad. The card I linked you to is $130(only $100 after rebate), but will allow you to play many more games. Everything from HL2 to Oblivion will run on this card @ high settings!


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Timoz replied on Wed, Feb 13 2008 2:11 AM

thanx man 4 ur reply..i will definitely take it in consideration.

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vicaphit replied on Mon, Feb 25 2008 2:40 PM

I suggest you consider something other than the 6200 also, I believe it only has 64MB of dedicated memory, and shares your system's ram, which isn't ideal.  I had a great time with an XFX 7600GT, they are around $80 now, and I could even play crysis with it on med/low settings with decent framerates.


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Kamrooz replied on Mon, Feb 25 2008 8:07 PM

Keep in mind also that ATI plans to release a 3850 for AGP. That would by far be the best purchase that can be made, but I don't think there is a release date set for it yet =(.

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