Apple Trifecta Sets Records

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News Posted: Tue, Jan 22 2008 11:08 PM

The Apple trifecta of the iPhone, the iPod, and Mac PCs helped Apple to
its best quarter in history, with the highest revenue and earnings in
Apple’s history.

Apple shipped 2,319,000 Macintosh® computers, representing 44 percent
unit growth and 47 percent revenue growth over the year-ago quarter.
The Company sold 22,121,000 iPods during the quarter, representing five
percent unit growth and 17 percent revenue growth over the year-ago
quarter. Quarterly iPhone™ sales were 2,315,000.

“We’re thrilled to report our best quarter ever, with the highest
revenue and earnings in Apple’s history,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.
“We have an incredibly strong new product pipeline for 2008, starting
with MacBook Air, Mac Pro and iTunes Movie Rentals in the first two

Despite all this, the stock market drop and housing slump have not
passed over Apple.  At the time of this writing the stock is down
nearly $18, over 11% in after-hours trading.

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Lev_Astov replied on Wed, Jan 23 2008 9:45 AM
Wait, they sold 22mil ipods this past QUARTER?? Where do they all go? Only a couple of the people around me at work have them and very few of my friends do.

><((((">Lev Astov

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replied on Wed, Jan 23 2008 11:27 AM

I attribute a lot of their strong sales came because of Intel. They finally have descent performance and on top of that you can run Windows on a Mac.. so combine all of that and you have a descent platform, although at a high premium.

As for Ipod, I am like the guy above me. I see very few people use theirs even if they have one. Frankly I am not impressed with Ipod at all. Microsoft's Zune(the new one) is more to my liking, but I actually think ibiza-Rhapsody is the best player on the market when you combine all of the services and features it has. It's truely easy to use.   Hmm this makes me think, Id love to see a review of the above mentioned players to see what HH thinks of them.

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Just a guess, but I'd venture that a large percentage of ipods are floating around highschools, jr.highs and elementary schools... probably more female than male ipod owners too.

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