Stacker 830 vs Stacker 830

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Kind of a noob question, I appologize. I am curious as to which is the better case? I am also wondering if anyone has the case because I see the black version offers a hinge-like side panel which would allow me to quickly and easily open the side panel near the fans without removing the panel...which would be nice. Also, does the black version have a see-through mesh where my led blue fans will show through?

To sumarize I am looking to see which case (if any) have a side panel that is set on a hinge so that I do not have to remove the panel to see the fans. Also, if both or the black (pretty sure the silver one does) has see through mesh where the fans will show through.

Thanks for the help. ^^

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They're the same case, the photos are just different.  Look closely at the "hinge" area.  If I'm not mistaken the door can be a hinge and it can be removed, I may be wrong.  But I'm pretty sure they're the same case.  I prefer the silver. 

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