OS X 10 Very Vulnerable To Hacking

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News Posted: Wed, Dec 19 2007 6:18 PM

According to research provided by the security firm Securina, Mac OS X has approximately 10 times the number of critical vulnerabilities of Windows XP and Vista combined.  We'll let the numbers speak for themselves:

“While Mac OS X had 234 highly critical vulnerabilities reported in 2007, Vista and XP combined had 23, Ou wrote.

"This shows that Apple had more than five times the number of flaws per month than Windows XP and Vista in 2007, and most of these flaws are serious," wrote Ou. "Clearly this goes against conventional wisdom."

Macs have traditionally been viewed as suffering from fewer vulnerabilities than Windows.”

Of course the number of flaws isn't the only important metric here.  Often figures like time from discovery to patch, or time from first known exploit reports to discovery are also very important.  The good news is that both Vista and Leopard are showing improvements in the area of security compared to their predecessors.

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mazuki replied on Thu, Dec 20 2007 8:25 AM
it took me all but 5 days to break in.....and that was my first time ever on a mac
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digitaldd replied on Sat, Dec 22 2007 5:48 PM

 I love having the security conversation with Mac users who think OS X is more secure than Windows, what they don't realize in most situations in those monthly Mac security updates bundles hundreds of fixes while windows may have a dozen or 2 in 5-10 separate fixes. Usually what it all boils down to is how securely you configure your system and how aware the users on your system are of common security problems. And even odder is the fact that Security updates for those not running the latest iterations of OS X there are only critical updates issued [similar to how Microsoft treats Windows 2000, but Panther was released in Oct 2003 not 1999/2000 like Windows 2000].

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