Intel DG33TL board and trace of heatsink paste on 775 socket pins ?!? Need to clean it off ?

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alphanique Posted: Tue, Dec 4 2007 8:21 AM


I have recently purchase a second hand Intel DG33TL motherboard. Two months old, sold as second hand. Original owner could not get Win XP Pro install on it (cause it was made for Vista mainly). I have not had the chance to test the board yet as I am waiting on the new Q6600 processor for it.

I have recently noticed a small white line along 4 pins of the 775 processor socket which turns out to be some remains of heat-sink paste. A photo is available here, showing the white heat-sink trace in the lower right hand corner.

Should I be concerned about this ? I would prefer to clean it off but I'm worried about potential for mechanical damage to pins and/or static-electricity damage to the board. What is the best way to remove the white stuff off the pins without affecting the board in any way. 

Many thanks in advance.

Cheers, Mike 

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use a small wood tooth pick then you wont need to worry about static discharg, then just pick it off the pins are some what resilient but still be careful with them. 

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That's a great idea ! I will look into it.

Many thans again, Mike

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