Samsung Claims Graphics Memory Speed Crown

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News Posted: Mon, Dec 3 2007 12:27 PM

It's not the first GDDR5 chip made, but Samsung claims it's the fastest.

Samsung claims to have invented the world's fastest graphics memory, capable of transferring data at 6Gb/sec.

The series five, graphics double-data-rate (GDDR5) chips are more than four times faster than those found in today's consoles, according to Samsung, and will find their way into desktop PCs, notebooks and workstations.

The chips will be introduced next year at a density of 512Mb (16Mb x 32), with Samsung claiming that GDDR5 will claim half of the top-end PC graphics market by 2010.
The first of these chips came from Qimonda last month, which began sampling a 512Mb GDDR 5 chip.  However, Hynix's chip has a data transfer rate of 5Gb/s vs the 6Gb/s Samsung claims.

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That is a MUY lot of question would be how true to their word will SAMSUNG be? Lotta bragging going on there......I guess we will see in a short time if they formally release a/some prototype(s) for testing

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It can run that fast, but how hot will it run?

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we don't even have GDDR4 at the moment, yes i know a foe cards have it but its not the entire market... 

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I too am curious about the heat output of those blazin fast chips.

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