NVIDIA GeForce 8800M Preview

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 19 2007 12:41 PM

Today NVIDIA is finally unveiling the rumored and much anticipated GeForce 8800M series of mobile graphics processors. The 8800M is powered by the new G92M GPU which is built on a 65nm manufacturing process and, as its name suggests, it shares a lineage with the desktop-bound G92 GPU announced three weeks ago. The 8800M series will come in two favors, a GTX and a GTS, each with a different compliment of stream processors.  Click the link below and check them out...

NVIDIA GeForce 8800M Preview

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kid007 replied on Mon, Nov 19 2007 4:51 PM

Mobile is the way to go, glad Nvidia have seen this and have taken advantage of it. I'm in the process of getting an G1 with a 8700 GT and i'm planning to have fun with it. to bad ATI (I was a huge fan of them) has not perfomed well or the status which once they hold. Oh well

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Dave_HH replied on Tue, Nov 20 2007 8:26 AM
You never know in this business. The tables can turn mighty quick. AMD is at 55nm with their GPUs right now. NVIDIA is at 65nm. What's is going to be interesting is what the next gen high end cards bring sometime early next year. AMD needs to get those drivers in line though, especially CrossFire.

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ice91785 replied on Tue, Nov 20 2007 6:56 PM
It'd be very benificial for AMD to get in a little more with MOBO manufactorers....I mean think of what what goes through our heads when it comes to nVidia chipsets? Automatically we assume (for the most part) that its going to be sweet performance MOBO.

AMDs chipsets are ok but seem in general to not offer quite the performance of nVidia (to me I guess) from a MOBO standpoint.

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