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nelsoncp21 Posted: Wed, Oct 17 2007 8:24 PM

I just felt the need to comment about this product or warn people so to say. I bought a Palm Treo phone through sprint about 8 months ago paying about $400. (the iphones i don't think were available yet or were still 600). My main reason for getting it was the availability of interenet. The salesman compared the speeds to dsl though i was douptfull i bought the phone anyhow. As far as connection speeds about 95% of the time it feels slower than dial up. This could however be the network not the phone. You can get the same phone through verizon and may have better results there. As far as phone service goes the phone is terrible. About 75% of my calls i can hear people fine but no one can hear a word I am saying. Again this could be sprint and not the phone. Now for strictly the phone. When I first got it for about the first 3 months i would get random microsoft reporting errors just browsing the web or checking mail. After the errors the phone would not connect at all. Each time I had to take the battery out of the phone for 30 seconds and than put it back in and than the internet would work again. This stopped after about the first 3 months.

After that the treo would just randomly lock up . Not often, maybe once every 2 weeks. But when it locks up the touch screen and all buttons are completely un responsive. It just freezes on whatever screen it was on. The solution, take the battery out once again. sometimes repeatedly to solve the issue. As far as it's features, mobile windows is mobile windows. As for this particular phone, the screen is more often than not to small also forcing whatever you are trying to read to be to small. For instance a pdf file for which some reason there is no zoom in feature available and the print is to small to read. Same issue with many web pages although you can change your view with web pages but half the time they become distorted or you loose alot.

As much as I am not a apple fan I have to say I really am regretting getting this phone. Is has been 1 big disappointment. UNfortunately I ma stuck. I would have to pay $200 bucks to cancel my contract with sprint and than pay another 400 for a new phone. However it may be worth the peace of mind for the next 1 1/2 years.

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