A Ghost in His Machine!

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usermike Posted: Wed, Sep 26 2007 10:22 PM

Hi all, nice forum.

 I hate to start out with asking fur help but ...

 I have a friend who is clumsy to say the least, he's a really good guy but sucks at puters...

 here's what he did in s nut shell:

 Took cpu heat sink off to clean but stopped in the middle because he remembered something else he had to do on the puter first and managed to clamp the cpu in wrong and fried the cpu and mb.

 He then ordered a used mb from ebay along with a used processor (under my advise, he didn't have much money to stick into it). In the process of installing this combo he managed to bend and (later)  break a pin off of this newer cpu and also forced the eide hd connector on back wards breaking a pin, (which I soldered back on and found, to my amazement, the drive still worked perfect!).

 Are you with me so far? lol

 I took over this project for obvious reasons and ordered a better processor, thinking the board was still good and it seemed to be. It came right up to windows desk and hesitated for a while there, (trying to install a driver or device?). It appeared to be fixed, but on closer examination I noticed a couple of serious problems...

 1: While playing windows media player, the video , sooner or later will lock but the time bar keeps going. The only way to get out is to have device manager kill it. Then xp locks except for the mouse. You get 6 clicks before it locks too. Also the video player used at google video will lock after about 10 seconds of playing but all you have to do there is click on the time bar to start it again. Seems like anything video doesn't work.

 2: It's only a matter of time before the nic card freezes and you loose the net. Also, you cannot access the nic to look at it's properties after this happens either.

 Everything else works great, you know, ghosted the drive immediately after getting it running , only thing maybe, couldn't copy a dvd of the kids off for his sister and that hesitation at the desktop right before it places the icons. I have seen the video come up on different irqs when in safe mode..

 I've tried the following and probably more:
 Unistall all drivers except the nic xp won't let me.
 Unplugged every thig sept main drive and monitor.
 Haven't figured out how to change irq's they be greyed out by xp
 Lots of other things sept for standing on my head.

 Specs of this machine are as follows (please forgive as it's from my memory!):

 Hp Pavilion 1228a
 mb= asus a8ae-le (special made for hp grr had to get from ebay hp won't sell you one)
 cpu = amd athlon 64 X2 3800+  (was originally a 3200 single core)
 512mb mem
 ati chip set built in video by ati
 built in audio

link to mb specs:


Any ideas on this subject would be greaty appreaciated.



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Drago replied on Wed, Oct 3 2007 3:51 PM

Anytime you replace the motherboard, repair the windows install.  This saves you alot of headaches down the line.  What you are getting is probably driver conflicts and other issues associated with windows being installed on the same hard drive and a new motherboard getting put in with different chipsets and other drivers needed.  Note that in doing a windows repair from the recovery cd that some programs may stop working and make sure you backup your data before you do so. 

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Read next post please

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Well guys I've done all that has been suggested, but media player still hangs then locks the machine, and the net still goes by by... By the way, both probs don't always show up at the same time, just most of the time. I also removed ALL the drivers from device manager and let them be re-detected individually.

 I'm ordering a new copy of Windows XP and doing a clean install. Hopefully when Windows installs, it will line up the irqs and addresses differently then they are now after just a board swap. I've heard it's almost always required to re-install after a board swap, but he used a identical board, or so I presume,is the same model , same chip set the best I can tell. If that don't work then probably get a new motherboard that ain't flipping tied to HP lol.

Couple more questions tho...

 Could the board be damaged from the cpu wrong direction insertion that he did? Would it still run my number crunching software? When running, this software, written in freebasic,  will all but lock up the machine because of cpu usage but with this dual core proccessor in his machine, you can run 3 copies of this program at the same time in about the same time as my slightly slower single core! Wouldn't a pin to board problem show up then?

 Could there be damage to the hard drive controller, or whatever controls it? (and other things like usb,nic)

 As far as temps go, the cpu temp reads about 48 or so, but the core reads into the high 50's and maybe a low 60 or two. According to the "fanspeed" software we used with my proccessor hog programs running. The cpu fan speeds up to almost max, then slows way down when I kill those programs.

Is this too hot for a core temp?
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