Bad news for Blu Ray

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Dev Posted: Sun, Sep 9 2007 9:34 AM

 China has adopted HD format called CH DVD which is compatible with HD DVD. Long story short China will only be using HD DVD and more importantly only manufacturing HD DVD at low prices. There is even talk of a player being released later this year for $199. This news comes after hearing that Toshiba are allegedly paying $150 Million to Dreamworks and Paramount to make the companies exclusive to HD DVD for next year. Currently the statistics show Blu Ray nudging ahead of the competition but this could change.


Neither formwat has "won the war" yet.  If you ask me, the first players to hit the sub-$150 mark will cause a huge shift, and its at that point things will settle down and sales will go through the roof.  Which ever format gets there first will end up with the larger install base, and that's what will get the lion's share of support.

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Good info.

Luckily I'm perfectly content watching up-converted standard def DVDs for the time being.

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