dual purpose lcd tv

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assassin151 Posted: Wed, Aug 29 2007 5:56 AM
hi guys ive searched and researched and i still dont know any lcd gurus out there please help!!! anyway what i want to do is find out what are the best options for lcd tvs as a screen for my future gaming/multimedia rig + xbox360 +wii what i want is a bigger than normal lcd tv like say at least 22" max proble 30-32" preferably 24-26" still havnt decided but i want good reccomendations on the following basis well start off saying money is an object just to talk about quality and i want the fastest response time in a lcd tv the letdown of using a tv would be response time fastest ive seen is 8ms is there any other reasons why i shouldnt go for a lcd tv over a monitor other than rsponse time i also wanted to no is it possible to get 1080p in that size what is the smallest size to have 1080p if not then what do u guys think is better 1080i or 1080p also obviously if you get either a monitor or tv there will be scaling but what i wanted to no is is the scaling of playing xbox wii dvds etc on a lcd computer monitor better or worse than the scaling of using a pc playing pc game on a lcd tv p.s i will be playing with hdmi connection ill continue after some replies thanks guys
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