Monitor keeps switching off?!

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cjexpat Posted: Sat, Aug 4 2007 8:18 AM

Hello everyone

I have been running a Dell Dimension 8300 for about 2.5 years now with almost no hassle whatsover but a strange problem has developed with the monitor (17" flat screen).

I frequently leave the PC on but turn the monitor off when I am away from my desk. Yesterday, when i turned the monitor on with the PC running in this way, it came on for about 1 second, then the display went to blackout. The monitor was still on (the on light was still lit up - on green) but the display was totally blacked out.

I've tried the full range of rebooting, restarting, checking all connections etc but cannot identify an obvious cause. Obviously, on the software side, it is pretty much impossible to start looking at power saving settings etc with a monitor that does not work!

Before I go and find a test monitor somewhere, would appreciate advice as follows:

  • is there something else I should try
  • is this a well recognized symptom for which there is a well recognised cause (eg the monitor is burned out? other?)

Any help/suggestions really appreciated

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