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T3H_N00B Posted: Tue, Jul 3 2007 2:15 PM

Hello, this is my very first time creating any electronic thing.  I have help at home and with friends, but i was wondering if i could receive help, if not advice from you people.  I'm creating a portable computer/gaming machine.  Think of it as a mix between a laptop and a PS2 that can fit in cargo pants biggest pocket.  It looks like a very small laptop when opened and needs speakers.  Also, the mouse is a PS2 controller.  The movement pad (I would rather have a joystick type thing more than the D-pad) on one side, and the clickers as the buttons on the other.  The power button would be the start/select button.  I want to access the internet, play PS2 games, MP3s, DVDs, and use computer software (very few, mainly Microsoft Word).  This probably seems crazy and insane, but I really want to make it.  I REALLY need help because i have no idea how to do it.  If you could help, thanks.


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