HP photosmart C4100 all in one

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nelsoncp21 Posted: Mon, Jan 1 2007 8:32 PM
I just had to offer my experience with this fun product that I just spent half the evening messing with. I wish I could give some feedback on how well it printed or did any of the numerous functions it claims it can do but unfortunatley i never got it working to try. It seems in HP's futile attempts to offer loads of features on this product they overlooked 1 obvious and important key element. That would be working driver's. What good is a product that you can't even install the driver's for. After uninstalling and reinstalling 3 or 4 times taking a good 30 minutes each time and spending about an hour and half on the phone with the tech support I threw in the towl. It went back to Best Buy and I got an Epson CX6000. The installation for the Epson took not even 5 minutes and that including unpacking, plugging it in, loading ink cartridges and printing a test page. Now that's the kind of product that makes me happy. A simple printer should not be a catastrophe. I can see having problems from ram not working with you easily or maybe fiddling with different options for your sound card or graphics card but a printer should be something my 6 year old son can set up.
Now my experience with HP's tech support was another venture in itself. Half the time I spent on the phone was trying to interpret the arabenglish language. Didn't know there was such a language did you? Well apparently there is and you better learn to understand it if you don't want to pull your hair out with HP tech support. Well this genius told me after 1 1/2 hours of unistalling and reinstalling that I need to do a OS restore. I ask him what for? he says there is something wrong with the computer that will not let the driver's install and I need to go back to a good working point. I tell him there is nothing wrong with the computer it works perfectly that it's his software that has a problem. WHy would I use system restore if there is no none problems with the computer. So I go to HP's website download and try to install the driver's from there. Same issue. But it must be my computer since the epson installed flawlessly in 5 mins. HMMMM I wonder where the problem really is.
To make a long story short DO NOT BUY A HP PHOTOSMART C4100 ALL IN ONE.
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Tibsy replied on Fri, May 25 2007 5:10 PM
Yep the software is a real problem. Gets to stage three and stalls on Installing Additional Sofware and thats it. HP support no where to be found. Taking the product back to get something else after wasting hours and hours.
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