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Dread Pirate Roberts Posted: Sun, Mar 13 2005 11:21 PM
whenever I by the cheapy bargain basement equipment from Microcenter I never have any problems. When I buy the good stuff, however (ATI TV card, nVidia video card, etc...) I usually have trouble. The $29.00 CD writer/DVD Rom combo I bought gave me no trouble; the $70.00 ATI TV tuner is giving me a headache.

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Drago replied on Sun, Mar 13 2005 11:38 PM
Well if you buy cheap stuff, chances are that it might have trouble witht he name brand stuff. Try getting the latest chipset drivers for your mobo and the latest vid drivers for your tv tuner.

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drucifer replied on Mon, Mar 14 2005 12:49 AM
i love cheap stuff
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parmATTACK replied on Wed, Jul 18 2007 12:15 PM

Cheap stuff is where it's at. Screw paying for the name. 

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