Going down the SCSI road

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steveo Posted: Thu, Jun 1 2000 9:27 AM
Im thinking of moving over to a SCSI interface for my harddrives. Do you think this gives significant performance increase over IDE? What SCSI card and drives are you all running? What do you reckon gives good performance for reasonable price. Any advice and information would be much appreciated.



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kodger replied on Wed, Jun 7 2000 2:26 AM
I am currently running an Adaptec ASC-29160 coupled with a 9.1 gig IBM "Discovery" 36LZX Ultra 160 Wide LVD SCSI-3 10k drive and I love it. I also paid about 550 bux for the combo. With EIDE you could get a 60 gig drive for about the same money and an ata/66 controller card (only needed if your board supports just ata/33). Just depends on if you want speed or space...simple as that!!

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