Bandai Namco Confirms Tekken 7, Will Use Unreal Engine 4

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News Posted: Mon, Jul 14 2014 9:22 AM
The cat is out of the bag, folks -- Tekken 7, the first numbered release since way back in 2007, was confirmed by Katsuhiro Harada, game producer and creator of the Tekken series from Namco Bandai. Appropriately enough, Harada made the announcement at the Evolution Championship Series fighting game tournament in Las Vegas.

Tekken was first introduced back in 1994. Each major game in the series debuted in arcades before being ported over to consoles and PC devices. Arcades aren't nearly as popular these days as they once were, though it wouldn't be shocking if Tekken 7 followed the same release script.

Tekken 7

Either way, the game will be powered by Unreal Engine 4, Bandai Namco said. While the company hasn't said what platforms it plans to release Tekken 7 on, it did hint that the choice of Unreal Engine 4 was chosen so that it could quickly release the game on any existing console.

"The power and flexibility means that we can focus our efforts on making Tekken 7 the best possible game without worrying about spending time creating a stand-alone graphic engine," Harada said. "With Unreal Engine 4, we could rapidly achieve visual quality expected on next-gen platform and go beyond it. Not only is Unreal Engine 4 powerful and easy to use, but it allows us to immediately bring Tekken 7 to any platform we desire."

Back in January, Harada said he'd like to announce at least two titles he's been working on for 2014. It was suspected (and hoped) that one of them might be Tekken 7, but until now, it was only speculation.
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Adam Todd replied on Thu, Jul 24 2014 11:53 AM

I believe that this is the only game that does 3D fighting very well. Plenty of fighters have come out with the notion to be a great 3D fighter and they always come short to Tekken. Fighting games these days surprisingly are still 2D (2.5D for some of the hardcore fighter games). Mortal Kombat tried the 3D scene and was completely taken out of fighting gamers heads. After they went to 2.5D, it's come back in a great way for a spot at EVO. Now I know what most people are thinking "but what about Virtual Fighter?" and I'm here to tell you that I'm not sure why that isn't taking off or a EVO. I guess there's only room for 1 3D fighter and Tekken 7 is going to keep being the top of that genre of fighting. BTW on UE4, this will be crazy good looking. 

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