Alienware 17: AMD's R9 M290X Goes Mobile

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News Posted: Thu, Apr 24 2014 1:07 PM

Alienware 17: AMD's R9 M290X Goes MobileNVIDIA holds the lion's share of the market in mobile graphics hardware, but it's not the only competitor. When Alienware asked if we'd be interested in looking at a notebook based on AMD's top-end R9 M290X in a single-GPU configuration, we agreed. This system is based on exactly the same hardware and chassis as the Alienware 18-inch model that we reviewed last fall, but it's somewhat more modest hardware whacks a full $2000 off the price.

Unlike the massive system we reviewed last time around, this rig's performance aims at what, on a desktop, would be considered a midrange GPU with a moderately high-end CPU core...

Alienware 17: AMD's R9 M290X Goes Mobile

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RMD replied on Thu, Apr 24 2014 2:27 PM

Awesome machine! I wish but if I had that kind of money, I would still prefer an Intel/nVidia based machine.

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Joel H replied on Thu, Apr 24 2014 9:25 PM

Look for a head-to-head comparison coming soon. :)

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