Google+ Statistics Show Over 1 Billion User and Building to Overtake Facebook

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News Posted: Wed, Feb 5 2014 11:27 AM
There's a general perception out there that Google's social network is a virtual ghost town, versus Facebook's online playground, which is always bustling with activity. Google's tried to dispel that notion on occasion by revealing user stats, and if you look closely at the latest numbers, you might be surprised at just how busy Google+ is these days.

Tina Courtney-Brown at SiteProNews did some digging and discovered that Google+ is now home to over 1 billion registered users, which compares favorably to Facebook's 1.19 billion. It's true that Google+'s stats are somewhat artificially inflated due to Google integrating accounts for its various services. However, Courtney-Brown says over 540 million Google+ users visit their profiles every month to share photos, update their statuses, post comments, and more. And that +1 button? It's being clicked over 5 billion times a day across the web.

Google Plus Phone
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That's a lot of active users, many of which are younger people. If you're a business looking to target the all-important teen and young adult demographics, you may want to reevaluate your presence on Google+.

What about mobile? According to Courtney-Brown, some 26 percent of mobile users that access the web for social reasons use Google+. We can pull more from that stat -- over 20 million unique mobile users access Google+ each and every month, and that figure is growing.

Like Facebook, Google+ is what you make of it. If you don't actively seek out people and businesses of interest to add to your circles, it will remain a ghost town even though hundreds of millions of users are accessing the site every month.
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Registered users, yes because of android and youtube. Using periodically to update their status? Less than 10% of that, I'm sure

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I have a hard time believing that half a billion people visit the G+ interface every month. It could just be that my particular social circle largely ignores G+, but still...

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i dont kno a single person who uses google plus as a social media

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1 billion + because of the forced youtube integration, apart from that nobody is using google+ Lol.

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Oh no! I helped them get that. I signed up last year due to a friend who used it for video chat. Plus, it's nice to have an email account that one only has to check once every 3 to 6 months. At least I can say, if I ever need it, I don't have to sign up for a new account. Well, that's unless I forget the info. ;)

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100% unrealistic, over inflated propaganda numbers due to FORCED ingratiation with Youtube. G+ *IS* a ghost town, period. They don't have 1% of the ACTUAL users they claim they have. Google is slowly but surely becoming as evil as Apple and Microsoft. I used to love Google, when they didn't have all this power.

Perfect example of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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Brief reality check. Google+ hit 1 billion registered users last September. Long before the Youtube integration. Indeed, there has been no perceptible increase in the rate of new Google+ account registration since the Youtube integration. If anything, it may have slowed down slightly;

The 'monthly active' user figure has consistently been around 50% of the 'registered' user figure, so at the current 1.368 billion registered users that'd be somewhere around 684 million monthly active users. The 540 million figure cited in the article is from last October.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled counterfactual rants.

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