Holiday Miracle: Microsoft Surface 2 And Surface 2 Pro Widely Sold Out

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News Posted: Mon, Dec 16 2013 10:20 AM
In what appears to be a Festivus/Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Boxing Day/Etc. miracle, Microsoft’s Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro are selling out all over the place.

All models except for the 64GB Surface (that’s last year’s Surface, mind you) are currently out of stock online at the Microsoft Store. There aren’t any at either, and Amazon listings show dwindling supplies. Several models are not available for shipping at Best Buy.

Microsoft Surface RT
First-gen Microsoft Surface RT

Now of course, it’s entirely possible that Microsoft has purposely shorted the inventory to make it seem like demand is higher. You may not realize this--brace yourselves, we’re about to shatter your worldview--but companies will stop at nothing to goose sales or generate demand using any means necessary. Microsoft wouldn’t be the first to pull a stunt like that. What’s more, when this sort of thing happens, outlets such as yours truly cover it, and companies like Microsoft get a bump that way, too.

However, it could be that consumers are finally warming to the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro, and regardless, Microsoft’s price cuts on the devices aren’t exactly hurting sales.

Microsoft Surface 2
Microsoft Surface 2

So let’s cut through the hype: It does appear that the stock of Surface, Surface 2, and Surface 2 Pro tablets is running out, so if you want one, you’ll probably want to act fast. Whether or not that means the Surface is suddenly immensely popular or just that Microsoft is playing a numbers game (or even more simply, that Microsoft sent out a limited number of units because previous sales were weak) is immaterial. It’s probably some combination of all factors we’ve mentioned.

Having reviewed Surface and Surface 2 tablets, we can say that the second generation seems to be an improvement on the first both in terms of the user experience and the underlying hardware. So there you have it, and happy shopping.
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I was looking at them then saw the price

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Dave_HH replied on Mon, Dec 16 2013 3:21 PM

I predicted this. They will take Android market share in 10 inch slates. You watch.

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RiCoFrost replied on Mon, Dec 16 2013 5:47 PM

I have the pro 2 and its rather good. Its replaced my laptop and surface tablet now, as soon as i get the dock it will replace my work PC also.

The first surface was just a little to slow, with the new surface 2 being almost 4 time faster. I see a lot more people wanting Surface 2, also because it can do more. In my office i see a lot more people interested in the surface.

People are shocked when i tell them it has usb and video out. I guess they are uses to not having those options on must other tablets.

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RMD replied on Tue, Dec 17 2013 1:19 AM

I have the OG RT Surface as of Black Friday and I Love It! I wish I could afford to get the Surface 2 or 2 Pro!

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JMeloni replied on Tue, Dec 17 2013 9:25 AM

Pro 2 isnt even a tablet, its a laptop -- best thing about it is you can wipe the OS and put Unbuntu on it and have a functioning touch screen device. Cost isn't worth it though and it is annoying there sold out everywhere.

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