iPad Tablets Sell Like Hotcakes Over Holiday Weekend, Investors Raise Apple's Target Price

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News Posted: Mon, Dec 2 2013 1:21 PM
In our review of the iPad Air, we were a little torn on how to feel. On one hand, it's the fastest, thinnest, lightest, and best version of the iPad to date. At the same time, we didn't feel it was a revolutionary jump over the previous model, which left us a little underwhelmed. Be that as it may, holiday shoppers are certainly enamored with not only the iPad Air, but the newest iPad mini and other iPad tablets as well.

CNN Money posted a summary of what several industry analysts saw and recommended over the holiday shopping season, and the general consensus is that Apple is doing a bang-up job this holiday shopping season. Among the list of analysts is Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, who analyzed 90,000 Twitter messages over the the weekend. According to Munster, the iPad was the most mentioned product on Black Friday and the iPhone the most mentioned on Cyber Monday. In addition, he noted that holiday traffic at the Mall of America Apple Store was up 9 percent compared to last year, with the new iPad mini selling "better than expected." He kept his price target of Apple at $767, but says his sales estimate of 24.5 million iPads this quarter is probably low.

iPad Air

Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities, raised his price target to $800 after spending time in nine Apple Stores and five Target locations over the weekend. He also spoke with over 300 people. Surprisingly, the iPad Air 128GB and iPad mini 128GB were the most popular devices.

"We used to store only music before, now we store HD movies also," customers explained to Chowdry in relation to why they're opting for the 128GB iPad devices.

It's the same story over and over, which means Apple is likely to end the year on a very high note.
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SmogHog replied on Mon, Dec 2 2013 6:53 PM

A little light reading before you buy into this apple advertizement.

BTW,how did the other tablets do?

I'll wait for the Nexus 10 2 > USB OTG and Mico SD slot

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sevags replied on Mon, Dec 2 2013 10:32 PM

iPad owners store HD video? That's news to me! Most video on mobile devices are streamed these days ala Netflix or Hulu. Who downloads videos/movies that are hundreds of MB's? No one! Where are they getting these videos? If it's itunes I highly doubt they are buying HD movies in droves. What takes up the most room on all IOS devices are actually pictures and videos taken by the user with the device itself...

Reality is 128gb is way overkill for the majority of the purchasers but it's seen as a "top of the line model". If apple offered 2 versions of each devices, the first with a faster CPU and smaller storage, and a slower CPU and larger storage, most people would get the faster CPU. Offer customers only 1 upgrade choice and they will take it even if they don't need it.

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There are still plenty of virtual packrats to be found though. As someone who has a pretty massive library of flac songs that CAN'T be found on Pandora or Spotify, it can be pretty frustrating when vendors sell phones/tablets with only 16/32gb options with no expansion.

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There are so many other tablets that are leagues better and cheaper, to boot. I'd take a Kindle Fire HDX or a Nexus over an iPad any day. Can't wait to see what Google is doing with the Nexus 10.

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Dave_HH replied on Tue, Dec 3 2013 9:42 AM

I agree, there are a ton of other options on the market right now that offer better value and accessibility. The iPad Air is a really nice tablet with a killer ecosystem, if Apple would just drop the price... then again, they've never competed on price.

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They will not drop the price simply because people are so dumb they will line up for 14 day just to be one of the first to get an apple product. LOL I still piss myself over that.

Apple is like drug.

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