Artificial Intelligence Startup Vicarious Says It Can Defeat CAPTCHA Security

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News Posted: Mon, Oct 28 2013 10:15 AM
Well, this isn’t good news (or else it’s awesome news, depending on how you look at it): An artificial intelligence software startup called Vicarious says that it can “reliably” (which is to say, 90% of the time) defeat text-based CAPTCHAs, those jumbled words and phrases that you have to decipher to prove that you’re a human online.

This includes Google’s reCAPTCHA as well as those from Yahoo!, PayPal,, and more. Vicarious asserts that because of this, its software obviates CAPTCHAs as a Turing test, which sorts out who is a human and who is an AI robotic imposter.


It appears as though Vicarious’ approach requires the software to use a certain visual intelligence to understand that what it’s “seeing” is actually numbers and letters. “Vicarious has a long term strategy for developing human level artificial intelligence, and it starts with building a brain-like vision system. Modern CAPTCHAs provide a snapshot of the challenges of visual perception, and solving those in a general way required us to understand how the brain does it", said Vicarious co-founder Dr. Dileep George in a press release.

The company says that its technique requires very little processing power, and it’s developing a Recursive Cortical Network (RCN) that, although it won’t be ready to go for years, portends a number of commercial applications ranging from robotics to medicine to image searches.
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good, absolutely HATE captchas.

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ajm531 replied on Mon, Oct 28 2013 9:38 PM

Hmmmmm sounds like the beginning of skynet!! no wait thats google... anyways i wonder why mr. curtis gosnell do you hate captchas? I understand they are bit inconvenient and can be annoying when you(im referring to all of us) just cant decipher that one letter and you put one in and it doesnt work and you have to do it again hoping to get easier letters. But i think they are good especially when it comes to contest and such so they are fair and helps prevent the individuals who are smarter than many of us that can create scripts and such to tilt a contest in their favor but having said script enter like a million times for them. So unless your one those individuals i see no reason to hate captchas just dislike them and hope for a better system that isnt as annoying. On another related note this is actually a good thing because it will hopefully move companies like the ones already working on this stuff to create even better software to thwart this software and maybe even that better method that i was referring to earlier

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