Lenovo Rumored to be Considering Acquisition of HTC to Bolster Smartphone Offering

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News Posted: Sun, Oct 13 2013 9:47 AM
Lenovo, the top PC manufacturer in the world in terms of shipment numbers and market share, may be looking to rise in the ranks of mobile handsets, as well. There's a rumor going around claiming Lenovo is in hush-hush talks with HTC about taking over its smartphone business. The two firms have reportedly been meeting in secret since August even though HTC's chief has had held firm publicly that his company isn't looking to be acquired.

Be that as it may, HTC has seen better days. Much better. HTC built the first ever Android smartphone (HTC Dream, otherwise known as the T-Mobile G1), and from there, the company enjoyed record revenue and profits with each passing quarter. However, Apple (iOS/iPhone) and Samsung (Android) now dominate the smartphone market, while HTC recently reported its first quarterly loss.

Lenovo Smartphone

HTC in July said it would shift its focus to lower end devices instead of remaining heavily engaged in the high-end market, a place where the HTC One competes. That all goes out the window if the Lenovo rumor turns out to be true. As the story goes, the two are expected to ink a deal in the first half of 2014.

It's an interesting proposition. Lenovo doesn't have much of a smartphone presence in the U.S., and even though HTC is struggling these days, Lenovo knows a thing or two about thriving in rough markets. In addition, Lenovo announced in August that smartphone and tablet sales surged past PCs for the first time.
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An IBM phone, hmmmmm.

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Dave_HH replied on Sun, Oct 13 2013 11:26 PM

Seems like a pretty smart move by Lenovo, if they can pull it off.

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Hopefully they don't destroy the HTC style of phone. HTC has been my go to company since before Android (back when they build phones for other people) and I'm loving my One.

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I guess commercials staring Robert Downey Jr were not enough to help HTC? Maybe lenovo can shake em up if they aquire them. I likes my old Thunderbolt but those updates took forever.

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