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lemonburst85 Posted: Sun, Oct 6 2013 1:23 AM

Hi there,

I'm a computer tech by trade, went to college for 2-3 years, graduated and all that. And I have been running my own small business from home for about 3 years now. I definitely have myself established in the area, got a great reputation and everyone knows who I am and what I'm doing. I don't BS my customers and I do thing sprofessionally and I don't cheap out on quality. I do a lot of everyday repairs for normal customers or clients and I have a good many business/organization clients, too. Over the last couple of years, I've also expanded into smart phone/tablet repair such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, etc and I also do some work with consoles like the Wii and Xbox 360's. I've also installed screens in digital cameras before. So... I'm into all of it lol.

Anyway, it's pretty busy now, too busy, to be running this out of a home office so I'm going to open a store front or at least a workspace out of the house. I'm going to be looking at some space upstairs above the local post office (good location) and other places.

I guess I'm just looking for some suggestions on some things. I'm located in Newfoundland, Canada and I have several sources right now for parts, suppliers. But wondering if anyone can give any suggestions on some suppliers. If I have a space a client can actually walkinto I'd like to have more things to show off. I want to supply phone cases like Otterbox, etc and accessories, maybe display a couple gaming PCs. Also some suggestions on softwar eor needed tools. I have mostly everything but I'm interested in some inventory software. Right now I'm using some invoice software from NCH. I'd like to have some inventory software though that automatically updates and some of the businesses I do work for have their systems tagged with serial #'s. It'd be cool if I could type in that serial # into a database or something and be ale to pull up history on it (to see what was don eon it before, for warranty purposes, etc). So suggestions on software and hardware tools would be good... like I said I mostly have everything.

Anyway whats your advice and what do you think? I'm the only one around doing PC repair professionally the way I do with the exception of 1 shop that is about 30 minutes away and have a declining reputation (though they are established - the guy started out himself and now has a few working for him ) With regards to smart phone and tablet repair I'm the only from here to St. John's (the capital, an hour away) that does it and down around the other part of the bay (1-2 hrs in the other direction). So I've got a good advantage and like I said, where I've already been doing this for a few years... people know me.


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