iPhone 5s Review: The Smartphone Goes 64-bit

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News Posted: Tue, Sep 24 2013 12:14 PM
The iPhone 5c is little more than a repackaged iPhone 5; the internals are essentially the same as those found in last year's flagship, while the rear is constructed from plastic instead of aluminum. The iPhone 5s, on the other hand, cements a consistent pattern for Apple. The company has shown no intentions of reinventing the wheel (or, the phone) every year. Instead, they seem content doing so every other year, with the in-between years offering up an enhanced "s" version of last year's phone to tide consumers over.  It's almost akin to Intel's "Tick-Tock" manufacturing model actually, though semiconductor architecture is a whole different ball of wax versus mobile consumer products, obviously.

The question then, of course, is this: is the "s" strategy enough? Early on, pundits slammed the iPhone 4S for being a warmed-over, gently-refreshed iPhone 4. The phone went on to become Apple's best-selling iPhone until the release of the iPhone 5. No doubt, those same pundits will be watching to see if the iPhone 5s can do for Apple what the iPhone 4S did in late 2011. Will consumers see the 5s as a big enough upgrade, or will they be inclined to wait until the iPhone 6 emerges?
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RBloch replied on Tue, Sep 24 2013 3:36 PM

99% of people that buy the iPhone 5s don't even know what a 64-bit SOC will even do, but they will line up for days to get ahold of it lol

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Dave_HH replied on Tue, Sep 24 2013 4:14 PM

That's an unfortunate state of affairs you note Ryan, but I think you're pretty much spot on there, give or take a few percentage points. :-/

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varase replied on Sat, Oct 12 2013 10:49 PM

It's an unfortunate state of affairs that is pretty much universal - for instance, are you conversant with the advantages of the ARMv8 architecture and its much greater efficiecies? Do you know why it would benefit Android users even more than iOS users?

The scalar speed of the A7 at only 1.3ghz - as exemplified by single core benchmarks - would greatly reduce the lag time suffered by Android processes during VM instantiation and JIT cross-compiling, all artifacts of Google's unfortunate decision to use a z-code interpreter rather than laying binary code on the bare metal of the ARM processor.

Unfortunately, Android during its inception was supposed to compete against Blackberry and Windows Phone, and both were mobile java implementation. Dalvik was conceived as a way to avoid mobile java licensing fees from SUN, not as a vastly more efficient implementation.

Compiled objective C binaries sitting atop a kernel optimized to reduce UI latency stands a much better chance of creating the illusion that a finger has "grabbed" the underlaying content and is moving it - real time - at any speed the user wishes vs interpreted code sitting atop a z-code interpreter atop a tweaked but generally generic linux kernel optimized to produce high spec mark scores.

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abaso replied on Thu, Nov 21 2013 6:24 AM

64bit is not only marketing, it is possible to address much more memory and handle all of a sudden, packet data much larger and it is not necessary to wait for the loading of data into memory before starting a game since the game resources can be "mapped" directly.

Apple is the first to have launch the 64bits CPU in its iphone 5s and ipad air, the next in the list will probabely be the samsung galaxy s5 and galaxy note 4

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