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BlackOpsPenguin Posted: Tue, Aug 6 2013 2:50 AM


Hey guys I need some help.

I'm building a new PC after about 4 years. I've never been into over clocking but am interested in learning for fun.
I need help selecting RAM. Please see the system specs below.



1) Trying to do Black and Yellow colors. All black, gray or dark silvers would work fine too.

2) I'm not trying to max out on the over clocking or set records...more for fun and learning.

3) CPU cooler is Hyper 212 EVO so I'm worried about RAM with high profile heat spreaders not working.

* I'm might go to water cooling later when I'm more comfortable with it.

4) I prefer reliable companies/components.




i5 4670k

MSI Xpower LGA 1150

Cooler Master Storm Trooper case

Cooler Master V1000 PSU

Cooler master Hyper 212 EVO

Still need to purchase:


16 gb RAM 2133 to 2400

MSI 770 Lightning (to purchase in the next few months when I save the money)



So help me out on my choice of RAM:

*Remember Hyper 212 Evo

1) Kington Hyper X Beast 16 gb (2x8) 2133 or 2400

***I really want these but will they fit with the Hyper 212 Evo?

2) Patriot Viper 3 Extreme Performance Black Mamba 2133mhz 16GB 2x8GB

3) Kingston HyperX Limited Editions - 16GB Kit (4x4GB) - DDR3 2133MHz

4) Crucial Ballistix Tactical 1866mhz 2x8gb

5) G Skill Sniper 2400mhz 2x8 gb

6) CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2133

7) Avexir - MSI Z77 MPOWER Optimized (Yellow LED) 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) CL10  **** Obviously optimized for MSI MPower but with the Xpower too?

8) An option I've missed?

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Wow all of those are pricey but I would go with 2, 4, or 7. Kingston isn't the greatest, but you might like it. Also you don't need more than 8 gigs of ram. 4 is perfect for gaming but it is nice to have some extra for applications that take up like 4 gigs of ram *cough* Payday 2 installer *cough*. 16 to 64 gigs of ram is good for video editing and CAD and CAM. Hope this helped!

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Andrymgs18 replied on Sat, Mar 15 2014 12:12 AM

Why not gskill Ares??

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Adam Todd replied on Wed, Jul 23 2014 12:03 PM

I'm assuming when you say 4GB of Ram is great of gaming is with DDR3 because my DDR2 4GB is not great at all. I'm glad this thread is out because I too am looking for RAM once I upgrade my MOBO; however, price is a concern for me since I have a budget of $300 for the RAM + Mobo + CPU combo. Also, I'm only looking to get a minimum of 8GB with a single duel-channel MOBO (not trying to spend too much on a MOBO with a 4 channel)

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