Bored of the games I play

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JayDeviateCarpenter Posted: Mon, Jul 29 2013 7:48 PM

Over the years I've been through alot of online games.

I need something new, please help me. :c

So far I play:

Dota 2, Cubeworld, MovieBattles II (A Jk3 Modification), Minecraft, Realm of the Mad God, Path of Exile, Warthunder and the occasional Counterstrike.

There's a new MMORPG called Black Desert that looks worth the wait, well anticipated, but until that comes out I'm actually fully bored. Is there any free to play games out there that LOOK good, PLAY well, and have a good community? I was a HUGE fan of Lost Saga which was a f2p Hit Em Up style fighting game with a twist to it, but it's died now and was handed over to WeGameUSA- so Europeans cannot play without lagging like hell.

Thanks :D

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