Will Apple's Next iPad Sport a 13-inch Display?

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News Posted: Mon, Jul 22 2013 9:14 AM
Rumors have been swirling about Apple tinkering with the size of its next generation iPhone, some suggesting it will go bigger to compete with Samsung's Galaxy products, and others saying there will be different size models to choose from. But what about the iPad? Will the next generation iPad tablet feature the same 9.7-inch display that's found on every previous model (save for the iPad mini)?

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company has been testing prototype devices, including smartphone screens larger than 4 inches and screen designs for a tablet slightly less than 13 inches diagonally. If true, this doesn't mean the displays are destined for retail, though if Apple is ordering these prototypes, then it's at least considering them.


Apple has some big decisions to make. While it still owns the tablet market with its immensely popular iPad line, less expensive Android tablets from name-brand vendors have finally started to emerge, and that could disrupt Apple's grip on the market. Where Android faltered in the early days was trying to compete at the same $500 and up price point, proving a turn off for Android fans who sat patiently waiting for their open source camp to undercut the competition. That day has finally arrived.

At the same time, it's unclear what Apple stands to gain from a 13-inch class tablet. By virtue of being bigger, it might also be more expensive. The upside is that it would look and feel more like a laptop with a keyboard case attached, though it's not clear if consumers are truly looking for that from a tablet device.
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Jaybk26 replied on Mon, Jul 22 2013 4:22 PM

Very interesting turn of events. But if the development of the 13 inch tablet is to capture more of the market, I'm not sure they're moving in the right direction. From the reports I've seen, larger tablets are falling away in popularity with the rise of 7" tablets.

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realneil replied on Mon, Jul 22 2013 8:10 PM

I wouldn't mind having one that is larger, but the iPad I have now is just fine with me.

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ajm531 replied on Tue, Jul 23 2013 1:33 AM

My goodness could you imagine the pricing apple will put on this thing. I wouldnt be surprised if this gets into the quadruple digit mark with like 32 or 64 gig model. Im not surprised that apple is caving into the peer pressure and not at least toying with the idea of bigger tablets and phones. I always liked it when they stood their ground and kept doing how they did. but now they are just following everyone else. 7inch tablet,larger iphones, low budget iphone, and now a giant ipad? i guess its about all they can do at this point since they revamped androi.... i mean ios with the new look and features

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